H. Couf Superba I tenor.  Serial Number 82xxx.

This is another of Steve's personal horns.  A Couf Superba 1 tenor.  I bought this used but I had to go back to my Couf roots to get the sound that I enjoy so much out of tenors.  I normally prefer pristine condition horns but this one sounds so good that I understand why professionals want original condition horns no matter if it's 80% or not.  This example is probably 90-95% but there is numerous spots of solder acid leeching.  But, other than that the bell engraving is spectacular and the sound is fabulous.


Bell Engraving.  The pictures speak for themselves.

1st pic - the standard round pearl octave button
2nd pic - the engraving on the body of the horns just above the thumb rest which states where the horn was made and for whom
4th pic - you can see the oversized pearls which are very confortable on the Keilwerths
5th pic - metal adjustable thumbrest, later to be replaced with a 2 point plastic thumbrest.5
6th pic - elegant soldered bell brace. The Coufs bow was soldered on directly to the body, non-removeable unless you unsoldered it.