Conn - Royal Artist stencil from 1912

This is a Conn stencil from 1912.  Satin Silver plated finish. Polished Silver-Plated keys and rods.. Gold wash bell (slightly faded).  Condition is near perfect for this age of horn.   Serial Number   P 31709


This horn has had a complete refurb from top to bottom.

We believe this is the New Invention Model.  Pearls are in great condition.

The new neck cork will be sanded to the new owners mouthpiece. If you cannot ship your mouthpiece to us then simply either tell us the brand, make and model of mouthpiece or measure the inside diameter of the shank.  We will shape and define the cork to your mouthpiece.  The neck has some minor imperfections (very slight dings which are barely noticeable)

The silver plate is in excellent condition. It was chemically polished and then hand polished to bring out the beauty of this silver plate.

The horn body has no dents nor dings.  The bell is distinctly gold-washed. The bell engraving is very distinct and crisp to the touch.

All new high quality Italian pads with plastic domed resonators.

This horn is quite a nice find for those vintage enthusiasts.  Very well mannered playing horn.  Very smooth keywork.

This Royal Artist - Conn alto saxophone will come in a generic case, black velvet interior and in excellent condition.. This horn has been played by myself for several horns to make sure everything was in perfect condition and tweaked to make it as good as possible.

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