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  1. theinvisibledude

    Buffet A Clarinet Question

    Hello! I'm rather new here and maybe this isn't the correct place to ask this, but I am having a bit of a problem. I am a woodwind instrument repair technician, and I am currently in the process of overhauling a Buffet A Clarinet, and I came across something odd. My mentor wasn't sure what to...
  2. eortiz_98

    Best A Clarinet

    Hello! Everyone I'd like to introduce myself. I am Elizabeth Ortiz, and I will be attending California Baptist University this fall, 2023, as a Music Education Major. I'm considering purchasing A Clarinet as either used or brand new, and the budget would probably be under $4,000.00. Any help...
  3. Clarinet in A brands. Help!

    Hi there, I'm in need of some advice and any help would be appreciated! I have just started university, studying music and I am in need of an A clarinet. I have a Bb and have played the Eb and A but never have owned one as I used to borrow them from my music centre. However, as I have started...
  4. Cheap A Clarinet?

    Have been in orchestra for a while, have music written for A clarinet, but have none. Have a budget of under a $1000, looking for inexpensive A clarinet that can be found on the web, and ordered. I do not care how good the tone quality is, as long as it is not horrible. Please help! Thanks:).
  5. An 'A Clarinet' that measures 26.5 inches?

    I have just bought a Boosey & Hawkes Emperor clarinet in a charity shop. I got it serviced in a shop near where I live. I recognised the wood as African Blackwood before I bought it (I used to be a flute maker) and the shop claimed that the clarinet is also at least 63 years old with sterling...
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