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  1. Can the Yamaha YCL-255S Bb clarinet play altissimo?

    Hi! I’m a high school student buying a new clarinet and I found the Yamaha YCL-255S at an affordable price. My high school music requires me to play a lot of high notes including some of the altissimo register. I’ve heard that this model is meant for beginners and intermediate and was just...
  2. mmatisoff

    Staccato tonguing high altissimo C and D

    I'm trying to play staccato on high altissimo C and D. Even when I practice them slowly, I can't get the tonguing right. No other notes are a problem. Any pointers?
  3. Contra-alto Altissimo

    Hello all, I have two high school students who, for their all-region auditions, are required to play an altissimo E (3 ledger lines). I have tried the "cheater" fingering of the over-blown A-key and it just won't work. The actual fingering combination is also unsuccessful. Both instruments...
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