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  1. Broken clarinet mouthpiece?

    So I recently got a Vandoran B45 mouthpiece for my clarinet (I accidentally dropped my old one and broke it) and it sounds pretty airy. At fist I thought it was because it was new, then my reeds, and so on, but I got new reeds and it still sounds super airy. I tested it against another...
  2. Help about broken clarinet

    Hello everyone, I bought a vintage clarinet on eBay for $20. I don't know the correct brand, it has only "Progressive Paris and B1205" as i show in the images. When i was trying to remove a screw, i broke the base of it and now i have to glue it. Which is the correct glue/procedure to use? The...
  3. Can a crack in the bell really cause such problems?

    Hello. First post. I hope it 's ok to post it here. My daughter dropped my clarinet on the floor today and there is now a crack in the bell. Nowever, it feels almost as if the tube is blocked. Can a crack in the bell really make a drastic change in sound? Hope I can find a replacement for the...
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