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buffet crampon

  1. Which buffet clarinet should I keep: Pre R13 or E13?

    I have just bought pre R13 serial 44xxx and I also have a newer E13 serial K171xxx, both are near mint and made in france. I am thinking in selling one of them, Which one should I keep?
  2. Identify my oboe model

    I am a flutist and I don't know anything about oboe but wanted to learn it. I have bought a used buffet oboe from internet and the seller told me it is a 4151 student model. but since it didn't look like the photos of this model I wrote to buffet indicating the serial number and they told me it...
  3. TalstoneDJ

    Advice Needed for Purchasing Buffet R13 Clarinet

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and so grateful to have this resource. My son is an aspiring clarinetist and I'm wanting to help him as much as I can. He started in 5th grade and has excelled with the instrument ever since. He's now in high school and we're looking to upgrade his current...
  4. Is it safe to get a 1945 Buffet pre-R13 Eb soprano clarinet?

    I don't have much knowledge about Eb's but I'm looking to start playing. I found a refurbished 1945 pre-R13 Buffet for sale, but it's $945, so I want to be sure that it's worth it. Anyone who's played on this or a similar model: how's the tuning and tone? Is it risky to get such an old...
  5. Please help me date/name this elderly BC.

    Hello, I have just received this clarinet. I bought it quickly because it appeared at first glance to be a pre-r13. I still think it is, but maybe pre pre ;-) The only numbers on the instrument are "101" on the bottom of the lower section and the bell. There are absolutely no serial numbers in...
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