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  1. How do I play with an almost horizontal Bass Clarinet mouthpiece?

    Concert band is starting up this year again for high school, and my band teacher gave me a really nice bass clarinet. The only problem is, the neck makes the mouth piece almost 100% horizontal, and the looseness of the mouthpiece and neck also make it fall. Before when I played in middle school...
  2. Clarinet in A brands. Help!

    Hi there, I'm in need of some advice and any help would be appreciated! I have just started university, studying music and I am in need of an A clarinet. I have a Bb and have played the Eb and A but never have owned one as I used to borrow them from my music centre. However, as I have started...
  3. Need help identifying this saxophone

    I bought a new saxophone for myself. But I have a hard time identifying it. Commodore Paris French is written on the belly and it has the number14134 on the back. My first thoughts are a mix between Malerne and Santoni
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