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  1. TyrVarg

    Selmer USA bass clarinet model woes

    I was just lucky enough to inherit a bass clarinet in excellent condition, however, going down the rabbit hole of attempting to identify the model beyond "It's a Selmer USA" has me going in circles. I was able to identify all of my late uncle's other obscure saxes and clarinets easily but this...
  2. Help identifying a Bass clarinet Brand

    I’m starting a new job at a high school and I’m doing inventory of the instruments we have in the closet. I come across a very vintage looking bass clarinet case, and inside is a one piece bass clarinet with all the necessary parts. The problem is that the serial number only has four digits...
  3. Please help me date/name this elderly BC.

    Hello, I have just received this clarinet. I bought it quickly because it appeared at first glance to be a pre-r13. I still think it is, but maybe pre pre ;-) The only numbers on the instrument are "101" on the bottom of the lower section and the bell. There are absolutely no serial numbers in...
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