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  1. Looking for help with condition of sax and repair options (if needed)

    I recently obtained a King Zephyr (1957) and it has brown spots on it, the largest being twice the size of my thumb. It looks a little like rust and is some what scratchy to touch, it feels the same level as the rest of the metal. I am curious what it likely is and whether I need to be...
  2. Saxophone has EXTREME resistance?

    Hi there! I've just recently noticed something, after playing one of my school's horns. I currently play a King Cleveland 613 Alto Saxophone. After playing the school's Yamaha YAS-23 since mine was out for repair, I've noticed how hard my saxophone is to make it 'speak'. I've played since I was...
  3. stolen Super 20

    Many years ago, my King Super 20 Alto was stolen from my car in Baltimore City. I was the original owner, and it was in excellent condition. Recently I have been thinking a lot about it, and wondering what became of it, and if was well taken care of. In the extremely unlikely chance that...
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