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  1. Roger Aldridge

    Original Tunes & Ensemble Scores

    Friends, My website has a collection of originals and scores. Please visit and explore the music. I'm looking for more musicians & ensembles to discover, perform, and record my work. http://www.rogeraldridge.com/ Roger
  2. Roger Aldridge

    23-Year Old Samba

    A couple of weeks ago I remembered a samba -- Samba Da Aguia Pescadora -- that I had written in 1992 (actually I had a dream about it!). I looked through my music files and found the tune. Playing it on piano, I found that it still sounded good to my ears but I reharmonized two measures on the...
  3. Roger Aldridge

    TalentHouse Collaboration Project

    My proposal for a collaboration project has been approved and is now live at TalentHouse. Click on the link for details. In a nutshell, musicians & ensembles listen to my music, find a piece they especially like, submit a recording of it to TalentHouse, people vote on the submissions, and...
  4. Roger Aldridge

    Ringtones of Roger's Music

    SOTW Buddies, A STORE has been added to my Reverbnation page. It has 21 ringtones of my music. Follow the Reverbnation link in my signature. At my page, press the VISIT STORE button and see the list of ringtones. There are many music styles and moods: from an Appalachian-style waltz, through...
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