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original music

  1. Roger Aldridge

    Music Sale!

    All of my compositions at Sheet Music Plus now have reduced prices. In addition, SMP is currently having a sale on chamber music. My pieces Fanfare and Smaller Ups & Downs (both for mid-size jazz ensemble) are included in this sale and have a 20% discounted price. The Store page on my website...
  2. Roger Aldridge

    Roger's New Website

    I have a brand new web site. Please drop by, look around, and listen to my originals. The site also has an article that I wrote about writing for mid-size jazz ensemble. http://www.rogeraldridge.com/ Thanks, Roger
  3. Roger Aldridge

    Salt Marsh Rag (5 winds and rhythm section)

    Salt Marsh Rag is now available. It has an early jazz feeling, quirky humor, and a touch of contemporary. The piece is scored for 5 wind instruments and jazz rhythm section. The rhythm section is optional. Parts are available for various instruments within the range of each horn line. This...
  4. Roger Aldridge

    TalentHouse Collaboration Project

    My proposal for a collaboration project has been approved and is now live at TalentHouse. Click on the link for details. In a nutshell, musicians & ensembles listen to my music, find a piece they especially like, submit a recording of it to TalentHouse, people vote on the submissions, and...
  5. Roger Aldridge

    Music Videos!

    It doesn't seem possible to me.... It was only 1 week ago that the idea came to me to make videos with recordings of my originals and put them on Youtube. 14 have been finished and responses have been gratifying. Here's a link to my Youtube channel where the 14 videos can be seen. They are a...
  6. Roger Aldridge

    Sleepy Creek Samba for 5-horn jazz ensemble

    A new chart for mid-size ensemble is on its way. The score is finished and the parts should be done in a week or two. I'm looking for bands to perform it. If you'd like to work with this music, let me know and I'll send a set of parts & score. The score is attached. It can serve as a...
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