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  1. Aulos303

    Annie's Song

    Played on my Aulos soprano by ear
  2. Aulos303

    Glissando on a recorder

    Something Ive discovered about my Yamaha Alto is that it is quite easy to perform glissandi on it. This is a simple C to D slide-I did initially do a full scale glissando but it didnt sound great, due to the fact that I’m a mere beginner!
  3. Aulos303

    Amazing Grace on tenor

    Third day of consistent practing and I decided to try Amazing Grace on my tenor. I need to practice the transitions to F. My fingers keep wanting to keep hole 4 uncovered instead of hole 5. Its so much easier to go to 01234 but I had to stop my hands doing so! https://youtu.be/gZ5Yw2YH0WE
  4. Recorder vs Clarinet & Sax ... a question I couldn't answer

    Without going into all the who's, where's why's and wherefore's, I was recently asked a question to which I had no informed response. I'm pretty sure folks here will nail the answer in detail (or with appropriate measures of friendly derision). The question was this ... "Why can't you have an...
  5. Tenor Recorder, how to have a clear sound ?

    Hello fellow recorder players, I recently fell in love with the sound of the tenor and bought one few weeks ago. (Aulos 511w) This is my first wind instrument. Eventhough i'm practicing everyday scrupulously following the instructions of my self-teaching book (can't find a teacher...
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