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  1. JazzMystic

    New Woodwind Player T-shirts

    Hi fellow woodwind players. Ive designed some new T-Shirts for woodwind players who dress to impress. Check out the catalog on amazon. Shop DN Rhythm
  2. MusicallyMrM

    A Serious Question About Some Very Vintage ClarinetVintage, Stuff

    I happened across an Ebay Auction for a late 70's Vintage LaVoz reed guard and several boxes of unused Vandoren 3-3.5 reeds and a box of 2 1/2 Symmetricut reeds from the same period. The story on this was that they were found in an estate sale lot. I bid on the package for the LaVoz Aluminum...
  3. Vandoren V12 Reeds

    I normally play on Vandoren Traditional 3.5 strength (for Bb clarinet), but they tend to be quite inconsistent and I'm just not getting the tone quality I'm looking for. Is splurging on Vandoren V12 reeds worth it? Does it really affect sound all that much? And do they run harder than the...
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