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  1. Roger Aldridge


    Fanfare is a new piece that was inspired by Brazilian brass bands. As I envision this music, it has an exuberant spirit with samba rhythms churning under contemporary harmonic voicings. It is intended to be a short piece. However, the vamp at the end can be extended for a solo or collective...
  2. Roger Aldridge

    23-Year Old Samba

    A couple of weeks ago I remembered a samba -- Samba Da Aguia Pescadora -- that I had written in 1992 (actually I had a dream about it!). I looked through my music files and found the tune. Playing it on piano, I found that it still sounded good to my ears but I reharmonized two measures on the...
  3. Roger Aldridge

    Free Download of Sleepy Creek Samba (6-horn chart) Recording

    A free download of my Sleepy Creek Samba is available at All About Jazz. This is a demo, created by David Arivett, of my mid-size ensemble score. While it's electronic, the demo is intended to represent an ensemble using violin, woodwind quintet, and rhythm section. As with my other pieces for...
  4. Roger Aldridge

    Sleepy Creek Samba for 5-horn jazz ensemble

    A new chart for mid-size ensemble is on its way. The score is finished and the parts should be done in a week or two. I'm looking for bands to perform it. If you'd like to work with this music, let me know and I'll send a set of parts & score. The score is attached. It can serve as a...
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