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  1. Aulos303

    Glissando on a recorder

    Something Ive discovered about my Yamaha Alto is that it is quite easy to perform glissandi on it. This is a simple C to D slide-I did initially do a full scale glissando but it didnt sound great, due to the fact that I’m a mere beginner!
  2. Love songs for clarinets and piano

    My husband, David Carovillano, composed these four beautiful classical-pop ballads for clarinet and piano (one for each of E flat, B flat, A, and Bass Clarinet) and a sweet, reflective clarinet quintet. Here is the preview video for our album "Reflections". Let me know if you would like to...
  3. Roger Aldridge

    Music Videos!

    It doesn't seem possible to me.... It was only 1 week ago that the idea came to me to make videos with recordings of my originals and put them on Youtube. 14 have been finished and responses have been gratifying. Here's a link to my Youtube channel where the 14 videos can be seen. They are a...
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