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  1. Blowing Pressure

    Hey! As a teenager I played the Oboe for 5 years, until the time I finished school. For time reasons I had a break of almost 10 years. I wanted to start again, but I had a diaphragmatic hernia.. Since there is a slight risk of recurrence due to the high pressure in the abdominal area while...
  2. Axel's Woodwindroom

    Hi all! New clarinet microphone video online!

    Hi all! I am new in this forum. I´m a woodwind multiinstrumentalist from Germany and Austria mostly touring and recording flutes, clarinets, saxes, whistles and Duduk for Pop & Jazz-Acts. Lately I did a little clarinet microphone comparison on youtube. Check it out here: Hope you like it...
  3. JazzMystic

    New Woodwind Player T-shirts

    Hi fellow woodwind players. Ive designed some new T-Shirts for woodwind players who dress to impress. Check out the catalog on amazon. Shop DN Rhythm
  4. New Member - Woodwind Player (Eb/Bb/A/Bass Clarinets, Flute, Piccolo, & Sax)

    Hello all, My name is Chris. I'm 29, born and raised on Long Island, New York. I am a Hospice and ER registered nurse and fellow musician(not a professional musician by any means, just a serious player). I'm also currently enrolled part time in grad school; working towards getting a masters...
  5. Looking for 45 rpm record for Bartolozzi "New Sounds for Woodwind"

    Hi from a new member - Just bought Bruno Bartolozzi's "New Sounds for Woodwind". Alas, it came without the 45 rpm record that gives sound samples. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of just this record, or an mp3 (or other format) download? Thank you, del_amigo@yahoo.com
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