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Evette & Schaeffer Master Model #7338 - Buffet Crampon stencil?

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and hoping there may be someone out there that can help identify this horn. My son is the sax player in the family and we purchased him a used Yamaha YAS-21 in poor condition awhile back out of sheer ignorance. We have been relying on school leases for the past couple of years which have been fairly reliable student models as you would expect. He has done extremely well in his music studies and we decided to go out on a limb and purchase him a more advanced horn for him to use in his next 4 years of high school since he has been so diligent.

We purchased an Evette & Schaeffer Master Model (by Buffet Crampon?) with a serial number of [HASHTAG]#7338[/HASHTAG] (link to pics and advertised specs below). I read some very good things about this model but have found some discrepancies in internet charts regarding the date of manufacture of this particular alto. It was advertised as a 1961 model but this chart http://www.saxophone.org/museum/serialNumbers indicate it may have been manufactured in the late 1880's. It does not look that old, but it does make me wonder.

The link to the ad and pictures of the sax is https://reverb.com/item/645774-evette-schaeffer-master-model-alto-sax-1961 and we paid approx $1,000 for it. I only have a few days to return it and am wondering if any of you would have any thoughts on the purchase.

Thanks for the help.



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Scott, take this instrument to an instructor and have it evaluated. It could be a good instrument if it is in good condition. But looking at pictures doesn't usually help very much. I like the mouthpiece selections, one looking like the original one that came with the horn. Good luck.
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