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[Fixed] Forum outage November 22-23, 2018


Brassica Oleracea
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Well, at least that time period. Could have been a little earlier and up until this AM.

I noticed on the 22nd that there was a DNS outage for woodwindforum.com. DNS is responsible for turning the IP address of this website ( into the friendly name "woodwindforum.com." Considering that I didn't write down the IP beforehand, I couldn't get to the website even if I wanted to. Additionally, I went to downdetector.com and saw that there were a bunch of outages in the southwest US, so I was going to wait until the weekend to e-mail Ed (who still owns this website, even if he hasn't posted in a while) to ask our web host if the problem was on their end or due to some other area outage. I obviously didn't have to :D.

So, if you didn't see us in the last couple days, sorry about that. At least you now know you weren't imagining things :).

If you ever do see a problem here, please give me a yell at my e-mail address: thesaxinfo@gmail.com.
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