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in light of imminent events...

There just has to be an indoor, but not necessarily smaller or quieter, version available for hockey games! –– Go 'Hawks!!


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I've taken my baritone to the occasional playoff game when my son was playing high school, junior and travel league hockey. Throwing aside the blanket and landing on a solid low A, tugboat-like blast cut through all of the clack bottles (plastic aquarium jewels inside of empty Poweraide bottles - very loud when shaken correctly) and air horns.

It is cumbersome, though...
I honestly can't imagine getting a horn into a game! Even us sedate, professorial looking types get patted down – e.g., at our St. Cloud State vs Minnesota games to make sure we aren't carrying dead gophers to toss on the ice whenever we score. [And what kind of a mascot is a stupid gopher, golden or otherwise, anyhow???] – I couldn't smuggle in a baritone even if it had its own ticket...
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