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Selmer USA Omega 164, TS100, TS110 & TWEAKING IT


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well with all the information on my website now about the Omega / TS100 / TS110 horns I got an email which provides some input into clarifying the line.

Just wanted to share some information about this model. I have this tenor sax which I purchased along with a matching alto in 1993. Some people believe it was a copy of the series II but that is not the case.

I asked for more information about the model and spoke to Dennis Fece, who was setting them up at the time. He told me the model 100 was a reaction to feedback on the Omega; which was a mark VI copy. Musicians asked for this horn and I think it was designed by Ralph Morgan. Then they complained that some notes were not in tune. It was a dimensional copy of the VI, which was not perfect either. So the 100 incorporated the Mark VII bore for improved tuning. Mr. Fece said the difference was more noticeable on tenor than alto. The 100 has more power than the VI. The right hand pinky Eb and low C spatulas were positioned too high for me on the tenor; so I had those adjusted down. I also added gold plated custom necks. They are great saxophones.

So ... now I will measure my VII tenor against the TS100 tenor ... outside diameters of the body and toneholes, inside bore diameters and whatever else I deem informative or interesting.
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