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YDS 150 Video


Striving to play the changes in a melodic way.
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From the video intro: The last months I've been a part of the development team behind this groundbreaking instrument! Thanks for the support and trust from Yamaha Music! You guys asked for a comparison video between the sax-sounds on the YDS and real saxophones. Here is a demonstration back to back, using Yamaha horns and the YDS.

In this video I am playing on our V1.0 prototype, but the finished product will have the same design and feel. Let me know your thoughts or questions and I will respond as best as I can!
Later I will post a video of the hardware & specifications to the instrument.


Carl H.

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Distinguished Member
Not bad for filler voices, but typical synth issues with attack and note bending.
I realize I'm not the target audience of this device, but would be if:

1) I could do pitch bends/vibrato with the reed
2) The tone would change as it does on an acoustic sax when reed pitch bending
3) I could change the tone like I do when changing my oral cavity
4) There would be at least two more octaves so I can play without the slower altisimmo fingerings
5) It would respond to throat growl and flutter tongue
6) It had full MIDI via 5PIN DIN output so I could hook it up to my Yamaha VL70-m synth module

Actually, I'd love to see Yamaha give us the next, improved generation of the WX5/VL70m combo. The Physical Modeling of the VL is the only method I've tried that makes me feel like I'm playing an instrument instead of samples.

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