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  1. Help with Identifying Vintage Clarinet

    I know absolutely nothing about clarinets but seen this at a yard sale and picked it up for $15. After looking at it the only thing I could find on it was Selmer Paris; HS; Made in France, on the mouthpiece and the number 44548 on what I am going to call the barrel. Any information would be...
  2. Help identifying a Bass clarinet Brand

    I’m starting a new job at a high school and I’m doing inventory of the instruments we have in the closet. I come across a very vintage looking bass clarinet case, and inside is a one piece bass clarinet with all the necessary parts. The problem is that the serial number only has four digits...
  3. Help to identify a Selmer please?

    Hi, My 14 year old son is currently borrowing a 'pair' of clarinets from my brother's girlfriend. The Bb instrument is marked as a Selmer although the marking is quite worn. It is the laurel leaves circlet with SELMER across the middle HENRI above, and PARIS below (both inside the circlet)...
  4. ID a Leblanc A clarinet

    I was told it was a 'professional' model c. 1970 by the auctioneer and it plays much easier than my Buffet E11. It originally belonged to a music professor Lawrence Gushee University of Illinois. I would appreciate insight into the type of clarinet I found, the Serial number is 2316.
  5. Can you identify this Noblet?

    Hi all, I just found this forum and I'm thrilled. :-D I have 2 kids who each play an instrument... I love to browse the forums to learn about their instruments, care... and lots of other great information. (I've been a member of a trumpet forum for a couple of years as well.) So I'm hoping you...
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