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ID a Leblanc A clarinet

I was told it was a 'professional' model c. 1970 by the auctioneer and it plays much easier than my Buffet E11. It originally belonged to a music professor Lawrence Gushee University of Illinois.

I would appreciate insight into the type of clarinet I found, the Serial number is 2316.

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Well I suppose various Leblancs may look similar, but this looks just like my 1963 horn, except you are missing the Pete Fountain signature. I believe the PF was previously known as the Dynamic H, but I think that goes before around about 1960. Mine has silver keys this looks like silver too, maybe plated. There is a feature list of many Leblanc/Noblet models at ClarinetPerfection.com so you might be able to match up based on bore size etc. PF is 15-mm exact ID but so are some other models I believe.
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