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  1. Aulos303

    Thinking of getting a Nuvo DooD

    From what I've seen on youtube these (and the Jsax) look and sound really good. I can get one for less than £30 and even tho it won't have the range of a clarinet it has that reed, giving that sound and dynamics that I really like, also it will give me the opportunity of playing an instrument...
  2. Buffet B12, Equivalent or Similar help?

    Hi guys, I have not been learning for long, less then two years, but in that short time I have owned nearly 10 clarinets either permanently or briefly, chiefly because I have had great difficulty getting one that wasn't defective in some way. The first was an SMS Academy clarinet which although...
  3. pete

    (Don't) Be Like Pete

    I posted a bit of this before, but I wanted to flesh it out. And I didn't think enough people would get the "Be like Mike" reference. I don't like it when people list equipment -- or more rather, I don't like it when people list their equipment and then someone purchases the same equipment...
  4. pete

    Saxophone Bargains

    I touch on this idea every few years. Considering I'm waiting for a couple computers to finish thinking about stuff, I decided to go readdress the topic. There are a lot of good saxophones on the market. The problem is finding an inexpensive horn that's not cheap -- in other words, you don't...
  5. pete

    TheSax.Info and Woodwind Forum Calendar Fundraisers!

    TWO DIFFERENT calendars. I don't want to confuse you, much :). Here's the deal: 1. I will still be doing a saxophone calendar, like I've done every year since 2006. This calendar is ~primarily~ a community service for folks that want me to publish really nice pics of their saxophones. It...
  6. pete

    Help US to Help YOU

    Update on July 15, 2010: I've decided that we should sticky this, as several folks have come by in the past week asking what make/model horn they have and how much it's worth. Bottom line, without good pics of your horn, any estimate of the make/model of your horn, it's current value or how...
  7. pete

    Serial Number and Model Listing

    I've created a very comprehensive chart with a lot of info at http://thesax.info/serials.htm. ======= Added July 9, 2014: I wanted to add this because I keep forgetting to mention this and I get a lot of e-mails about it. Serial number charts are a really bad way of determining what model...
  8. pete

    Global FAQ: Horn Value

    EDIT (11/10/2018): I realized that I never posted this. I'm surprised I didn't. So, here it goes: don't expect your horn to be worth thousands of dollars. That's also regardless of age. So, please don't be mad at us when we tell you this. EDIT (09/17/2021): Repeating what I've posted below...
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