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  1. Schuster Co. Piccolo made in Germany

    Does anyone have any idea about this piccolo and its maker? Is it professional? It seems like a great deal. It's selling on eBay. Please let me know what you think. http://m.ebay.com/itm/191836772524
  2. Linton Piccolo - Theo Markardt Oboe, vintage / valuation

    My music teacher brother passed away and left me with several woodwinds. I used to play a little flute (years ago) so I have an idea of what the flutes - an Armstrong 104 and a Selmer Signet open-hole coin silver - are worth. The two I have questions about vintage and valuation are a Linton...
  3. Gandalfe

    Best Piccolo Sale Ad Evar!

    They call the trumpet "God's Instrument." The instrument that takes a month to learn and a lifetime to master. Forget that. I'm giving you the chance to own "Satan's Instrument." The instrument that takes a second to hate and a lifetime to get used to. If your goal is world domination, getting...
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