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Linton Piccolo - Theo Markardt Oboe, vintage / valuation

My music teacher brother passed away and left me with several woodwinds. I used to play a little flute (years ago) so I have an idea of what the flutes - an Armstrong 104 and a Selmer Signet open-hole coin silver - are worth. The two I have questions about vintage and valuation are a Linton (Elkhart) silver (plated?) C Piccolo, Ser # 15789, and a Theo Markardt (Erlbach) grenadilla Conservatory model Oboe, Ser # 51560 with 55 stamped below it. The oboe is playable, the piccolo needs pads (included but not installed).
My brother spent a number of years during the 1980s in Brussels associated with the symphony there, so I suspect he might have picked up the oboe during that time.
Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I see you're trying to sell the piccolo for $600 and the oboe for $2500. I did a it more Googling and saw prices between $100 and $225 for Linton piccs that didn't need to be repadded. I saw your oboe range in price from about $800 to about $1800 (the ad Jim mentioned) -- and I think the higher-end prices are oboes that have additional keywork 'n' stuff. I'm not conversant enough in oboe stuff. I just Google well.

As Jim said, I wish you luck -- hey, if you actually get $3100, send us a donation or somethin' -- but I think you might want to consider lowering your prices.
I had no idea where to start, except on the oboe, I was told that grenadilla oboes had sold for between $1600 and $3000 recently. I've already lowered the price on the silver piccolo, thought not to 99 cents, which I suspect was a plastic tube with holes. And seeing the brutal piccolo jokes on this site conviced me that piccolo demand wasn't what I'd imagined it might be... LOL
Thanks for the insights! If I'm able to send you a donation, I think my late brother would like that too...
To Gandalfe and anyone else that might be interested in such things...
The Theo Markardt grenadilla oboe at Feinwerkstatt that you alerted me to sold for $1350 Euro, which is about $1850 USD.
Thanks for the heads-up!
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