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  1. Voice Change?

    Greetings fellow wind instrumentalists and enthusiasts! I've noticed an intriguing phenomenon while playing the bassoon that I'd like to discuss. After playing, I've observed a temporary alteration in my voice. The lower frequencies seem to diminish, making speaking a bit more challenging...
  2. Snow Red

    A curious&mysterious saxophone-An inquiry for the handcraft "Alexandre" professional saxophone by Borgani[No. 3888]

    "A Handcraft(by Borgani) Vintage Italian "Alexandre" Professional Alto Saxophone[No. 3888]" This genuine Italian saxophone is now in South-Korea. I've stored it since when I was young. I regard it as mysterious musical instrument. However, I've identified that this product has ever never...
  3. kgaronzik

    Looking for info on a Pierret 207bd Voltaire Tenor Sax

    Hi, I am not a sax player but my dad played professionally. He was a UNT alum and played in the One O'Clock band there in the late 60s. He always had cool horns and was trading them so he could try out different ones. He passed away in 2016 and I am just now getting around to take inventory of...
  4. Mr Esteban Sax

    Hello everyone!!

    Hey there!!! I'm new here!! I love this site! I would love to share my music with all of you! I'm doing sax covers every week!!! Hope you all enjoy it!!! Feel free to subscribe! Thanks sincerely!! ======== Edit from Pete: fixed your spacing.
  5. A.E. Sax C-Pitched Tenor Sax, Fully Restored and Playable

    A.E. Sax C-Pitched Tenor Sax, Fully Restored and Playable Serial #15xxx Silver Plated Low Pitched Carrying Case Included Location: Canada $4,000 US Shipping & Insurance Extra Full Details: Review of an A.E. Sax C-Pitch Tenor
  6. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-9-e1517049173593


  7. Helen

    Stencil Saxophone Names & Links Resource

    I am in the process of compiling what will arguably be the most comprehensive, and complete online listing of of vintage stencil saxophones. This listing is a bit different than the other lists already available, b/c unlike those, the one on my website will have as many of the stencil names as...
  8. JazzMystic

    New Woodwind Player T-shirts

    Hi fellow woodwind players. Ive designed some new T-Shirts for woodwind players who dress to impress. Check out the catalog on amazon. Shop DN Rhythm
  9. Starboy Alto Saxophone Cover Music Video

    Hello everyone, I recently created a saxophone cover for the song Starboy by the Weeknd ft. Daft Punk on YouTube. Please check it out and give me some feedback. I would really appreciate it because this is my first ever saxophone cover. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-xAs3LdnDo...
  10. I need help forming a practice schedule

    Hi! im a Bari Sax player, a junior in high school, I've been playing for 5 years (soloing for 3 months), and I need help forming a practice schedule. What I usually do is practice scales for 30 minutes, improv for an hour and a half and then learn new techniques ( overtones, altissimo, slap...
  11. Saxophone has EXTREME resistance?

    Hi there! I've just recently noticed something, after playing one of my school's horns. I currently play a King Cleveland 613 Alto Saxophone. After playing the school's Yamaha YAS-23 since mine was out for repair, I've noticed how hard my saxophone is to make it 'speak'. I've played since I was...
  12. 2nd Musicians Swap Meet on L.I.

    Date:March 9th, 2014 Location:The American Legion, 22 Grove Place, Babylon, NY 11702 Time:11am-4pm This is a call to all musicians and gear lovers! We are having our 2nd Musicians Swap Meet on L.I. and hoping we can gather as many musicians and fellow gear lovers to attend so that we can keep...
  13. Heckelphone

    Contrabass List Meltdown

    Some of you are aware that I run contrabass.com, and the associated mailing list. (If you were not aware, and are interested in unusual instruments like sarrusophones, contrabass saxophone, tubax, etc., and particularly in instruments for whom middle C is considered altissimo register, perhaps...
  14. WoodwindDoubler

    Chris Potter - Saxophone God - Humber's 2009 Artist in Residence.

    Unlike many of my fellow comrades, I never had the opportunity to see Michael Brecker play. I've never seen Wayne Shorter or Sonny Rollins. I have seen many players do there thing either in a clinic or on the bandstand, but today was the first time I've ever been able to sit with most of my...
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