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serial number

  1. Selmer Paris Serial Number Z0849

    I'm trying to find the serial number Z0849 to date the horn I'm looking at buying, but on all the charts it only says "Z1100" and up. Does this just mean it's from before that, or could it be a typo and actually Z8049? I have no idea, figured I'd consult the infinite wisdom and free time of the...
  2. Yanagisawa alto odd 7-digit SN !?!

    Hi! I need help in identifying which model my Yanagisawa alto SN 7751115 could be? It has a single 5 stamped to the left of the SN and logo. It has a high F# key, and single arm on the low C. The 7 digits confuse me. On a 7 digit horn the first two digits would indicate month, and the 3rd and...
  3. Help identifying a Bass clarinet Brand

    I’m starting a new job at a high school and I’m doing inventory of the instruments we have in the closet. I come across a very vintage looking bass clarinet case, and inside is a one piece bass clarinet with all the necessary parts. The problem is that the serial number only has four digits...
  4. Buffet Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prestige

    Hi guys I am buying a bass clarinet and I got a fellow that let me see a prestige and he says the serial number is: H40978. Can you find out what year it is? Like in the picture: Thanks for the help :)
  5. Which model is this Buffet Crampon Oboe?

    Hi I am not a musician, though I happen to have a Buffet Crampon oboe inherited from a relative. It has a serial number of 2056 on both of the main pieces, and Buffet Crampon Paris clearly written on the end-piece. A bit of googling has revealed that the serial number is key (I think), and it...
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