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A New Admin & Some Other Stuff


Brassica Oleracea
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You may have noticed -- well, I hope you noticed -- that I started a thread a few days ago for donations to keep this forum updated. You might have wondered why our forum founder, Ed (Hurling Frootmig), didn't post the thread. Ed informed Jim (Gandalfe) and me that he wanted to take some time off to do a bunch of stuff and concentrate on family, so he gave Jim and me the keys to the kingdom. That meant that someone else had to pay the bills, too, and Jim and I don't have several hundred dollars of spending money lying around -- unless our scheme to sell Bundy IIs as "a great pro horn" works out -- so I posted to get help from you. That's worked great: I'm very thankful to everyone out there for all the donations so far. We're really close to having the forum funded for an entire year.

Ed will still drop in on occasion and he retains all his Administrator rights, so continue to be nice to him.

Jim mentioned that it'd be a good idea if we got another Administrator and recommended our saxophone CE, Helen. Who I was going to recommend, but Jim asked first.

I've worked with Helen for quite awhile both here and on her blogs. Please make her feel welcome in her new position.

Thank you, all!
Well thank you, thank you very much. I very much look forward to working with you Gandalfe and Pete, as well as the rest of the CE's and members of the WF in my new role.

This is a really great space, and since I've been here (hard to believe that it's been since 2008!) I've had the pleasure to meet, and learn from some equally great people. The membership of the WF is what makes this forum unique IMO. We have some of the nicest, kindest, and most knowledgeable people in the area of woodwind instruments, who frequent our site.

We're not a site for bickering, infighting, or name calling. Our disagreements are dealt with civilly and without drama. This, combined with the high quality discussions about all things woodwind, are what I've always felt makes our forum stand out from the pack.

Thanks again for the promotion. So let me know when I can expect my raise in pay. Oh, and do I get that corner office I asked for? ;-) :emoji_smile:
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Congrats Helen. Pay is double your previous rate (old joke). Offices are virtual now. You just need a custom software backdrop of a corner office on your avatar.
Mmmm.... Maybe I should buy the Bundy II alto that the big music store (Long & McQuade) in Vancouver had for $275, and sell it on the WF for a wee profit. Oh, did I write it was $275. That was silly of me. The horn was in fact $400, so I could offer it up for anyone here for $500. :emoji_rage:
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