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Bass clarinet pad leads

I don't really refurb bass clarinets .. so no idea.
just keep in mind take a look at the current setup. Do you like the venting - it's not stuffy when you are pushing higher dynamics?
If it sounds stuffy, then you know the current venting is not enough and make appropriate changes.
I have a guide from Yamaha on BC pad height specs. But in general, they do not exist for the public.


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Thank you very much for finding and posting that Mojo !

It's handy if you're making adjustments to a second hand instrument that's had God knows what done to it over the years .
Leak Lights on bass clarinets:

Of course, the big obvious problem I'm having is the fact that with the recessed nature of the tone holes on this bass clarinet, you can only see leaks along the east-west sides. I have been using the leak light in a conjunction with a feeler just to see how an observable gap translates to one "felt". Let me tell you, I now wish I had bought thinner feeler material. I have the .001 amber material, but not the .0005 silver stuff and I wish I did.

I'm going to try my hand at flutes soon, so I'm going to have to get an array of feeler sheets anyways.

I'm using MusicMedic bass clarinet pads, but next bass I'm going to try something else. The trouble I'm finding is that it's very difficult to properly size the pad because their edges are beveled from the bottom. This works okay when the pad top surface sits flush with the rim, but that doesn't seem at all to be like a normal pad installation.
The pads on mine seem to have their maximum diameter a little wider than that on the cup inner rim so they're sort of 30-40% set in .

This said there are pads of the same diameter that are clearly set to different depths in different cups !....or at least some protrude more .

I was an inch from buying a Noblet on eBay which needed fixing .
We'd no doubt BOTH be scratching out heads together now had I done so !..... Still !.... I take my hat off to your intrepid approach .
Well ! ... While I saved myself a big project by not buying the Noblet bass clarinet in need of repairs , the other day I dug out my wife's old Weltklang Soloist sax and decided to give it a referb . If ever there was a saxophone that doesn't deserve a referb it's probably a Weltklang ,but I figured that this one must have been made on a good day, because the valves were mostly flat and non of its bits seemed to have dropped off yet .
The key work is VERY solid and tight fitting with an action a bit like a military vehicle so I thought ' what the hell !' ( famous last words !)

As the tedious hours of polishing it up for re-lacquering slipped into double digits , I imagined the damn thing rumbling over the brow of some hill and down into the Ukraine.

For anybody that hasn't stripped , repolished and re- lacquered one of these thing , I strongly recomend that you stay that way .... It's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge .

Wish I'de spent all that time on something worthwhile like...... A Noblet bass clarinet !
I'm sorry to hear that !

What is the problem?......or should that question be very much in the plural ?

Wanna swap it for a Commie saxophone ?....... It's REALLY shinny and it has three gears and a snow plough !
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