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Flute skills transfer to piccolo?

Hi everyone,
I've been playing flute for about a year now. I've had my flute in the shop for servicing and have picked up the piccolo my wife used to play. I can only manage to play up to the second F sometimes G, but can't go above that. Im assuming the piccolo is like the flute and will take practice to get higher and higher, but is this somewhat expected from going to flute to piccolo? Its frustrating not being able to play what I'm used to playing on the flute!
Well, if your avatar pic is of you playing the pic, you're holding it backwards :p.
Yes, I know about the picture. I'm kidding, thus the smiley.

As a non-flute and non-piccolo player, but as a person that played a bunch of different pitches of clarinets and saxophones, higher pitches are more demanding of your embouchure. You might also find that alternate fingerings will help you play some notes in better tune, too. I can also say that I've played different makes and models of instruments and some notes are just more difficult on some instruments, until you get used to them. It wouldn't hurt to try a different piccolo just for comparison. It's also possible that the piccolo you have needs a bit of maintenance, too.
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