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Funky Vito alto

Photos of a rather unusual (presumably Leblanc) Vito, with a combination of left-hand bell keys, some diagonal rods, and double rods on both upper and lower stack. Any more information out there, especially date of manufacture? I'd like to give the client some information on it. I hope regulating the thing isn't as weird as it looks...

The serial # is 9XX A.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Anyhow, it looks like that Vito is a Model 35, which is the Vito-branded Leblanc System horn. You can tell that by the three "braces" on the G# vent key that your thumb is covering in your first pic.

(Note: the "three brace" has been my easy way of telling Model 35 against the other models, like the Duke and Model 38. There are a couple links on Doctorsax that say "Model 35," but they aren't Model 35s. Or Vito played with their model names. Or I've been wrong for awhile :p)

Looking at the serial number chartage over at Doctorsax, I'd say 1959-1961, depending on the other digits in the serial number.

The horn you've got there looks to be in really nice shape. Please share more pics!

I've got a little more data on the Leblanc System and Rationale variants in my blog.


I played a Vito tenor, which was probably a Duke, for a little while in high school many, many years ago. I still remember the funky keywork mechanisms and remember them going out of whack quite often.

I've heard others say that the Leblanc-badged Leblanc System horns had remarkably good intonation. I don't remember that one way or another about the tenor I used.
Thanks for the usefulness! Maybe I can squeeze out some more photos when I get done.
There is an extra key there, not sure yet what it does. I'll post it once I find out. I hope I can get the thing adjusted properly - it may take extra time...


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
In the 3rd photo, it looks like there's a C/D trill key.
I believe you're looking at the altissimo F#. The left-side placement above the G# key was on a few French-made and German-made instruments.

Here's a Vito Model 35 fingering chart. Page 1 has the note to key chart. The fun thing is that it lists fingerings to two octaves above :TrebleClef::Line5: !
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