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Very pretty replated and restored Conn 14M for sale on USAhorn.com: http://usahorn.com/used/Conn/1027/14M-Bass-Saxophone-Silver-Plate-2255XX.html?featured=1027

As a point of interest, the most expensive vintage bass I've seen was a gold plated 14M, in 1999. I was told it sold for around $30K.

USAhorn says this is "one of the first" 14Ms made. Nope: 14M always meant "Bb Bass Sax" for Conn, LTD. It is possible that this is one of the first 14M's with the redesigned neck: I don't remember when the cutoff was, off the top of my head.

Pretty horn.

EDIT: if you're on a budget, I bet you could get this one cheaper :).

NOBODY scoops Helen! Fast surfing in a fast age.

It's a wonderful bass sax and beautifully restored - Bass sax porn!

I hesitate to put on my cynical jerk hat, but the later bell-to-body braces are flimsier than the earlier ones. I'm thinking that other aspects of this instrument make up for that.
Now, now boys.... Until Pete actually slaps his money on the table, he hasn't really scooped me... Has he now?

Oh Pete, you didn't realize that my tenor fixation has expanded into grander sizes... Did you? Just wait... I'm adding that addition to my house any day now... Soon you'll be calling me Groove Jr. :wink:
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