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identifying saxophone

Hi, my roommate came with this sax i try to find the carving (Tosca) on internet but found only Buffet Crampon Tosca clarinets no saxophones with Tosca carving. Sax dont have any other emblem, only s.n., so i would like to know if it has some value and who made it or something more about it.. Please help Thank you. :)

I think this is a Timis stencil. Picture of one attached (it's the nickel-plated one). However, I don't know if they ever made horns with a microtuner or rolled tone holes.

I'll ask for more pics, then! Ones that would help:

* The G#, C#, B, Bb cluster of keys. See Screenshot 1, attached. This would be on the left side of the horn, if you were playing it.
* Bell to body brace. See Screenshot 1, attached.

Oh. Almost forgot. The horn's definitely not made by Buffet. Buffet did and does still make saxophones, but this isn't one of them.

A better closeup of the neck would be good, too, especially the microtuner (the metal bit that you can turn).


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I don't recognize the horn so I won't say anything on it other than what Pete said-it's not a Buffet. Buffet has never made a sax called a Tosca-their top model right now is called the Senzo. (I don't think you'e very in need of a list of their models, considering this one isn't a Buffet for sure.)
There are a couple of Germanic makes that I'm aware of that didn't have chromatic F# keys. However, as I said, I really can't be positive without more pics.

If the horn is a Timis, that's going to be bad for value, as those definitely aren't good horns. From what I've read, at least.
This horn was posted on Cafe Saxophone, and I was tagged in that a bit ago. The owner has lots of (not really great) pics in 2 sets of folders that he linked to somewhere.

To me nothing looked familiar. It was an mystery wrapped in an enigma. Here's a link to the thread discussing it. The posts you're looking for about the folders are # 1 & # 7.
I responded on Cafe Sax. My choices, in order of appearance, were:

* Timis
* FX Huller
* Oscar Adler

Or, of course, OP could have put together the horn from several parts just to fool us all.
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