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Logged in, logged out


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I use remember me in the login box so I (almost) never have to log in. For the past several weeks (probably since the update), if I am in the forum and click the Home button, I am no longer logged in. If I launch the site again from my shortcut, I'm back in again. Windows 7 Pro using Opera. Nothing earth shattering, but it just seems odd.
I theorized that this was because we had an .htaccess file ("configuration file") that wasn't sending users to the "https" version of this website, but to the "http" version. I've updated the file and I see everything automagically going to the "https" version, now.

So, folks, give it about 20 min and post here if you see any problems. I might have to update a couple links or something.
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