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A fellow who used to own a music store contacted me. He has a N.O.S. Medusa alto, in clear lacquer, with the non-stick G# key. Serial # 0161XX. Comes with a Hiscox case as an upgrade. (He sold all his B&S horns that way.)

The horn has never been played since it left the B&S factory--presuming it was play-tested there. This fellow had it in storage since he folded his music store. He happened across it recently, and realized that he should sell it to a sax player who would be able to use it. The problem is, he doesn't know what it should sell for.

I have tried checking for Medusa alto sales, and haven't really turned up much... Actually, almost no B&S sales at all. So I decided to see if anyone here could suggest a price spread for me.

At this point from the research that I have managed to do, it looks like about €1500, or $1800 US, seems about right.

I am awaiting the final pics, I only have some embedded in a PDF it that will help. It appears however, that this horn is as it came from the factory.

Let me know if you really need pics. If you do, then I'll separate them from the doc. However, they likely won't tell you anything. I have seen nothing in them other than what you see in brochure pics. It appears dead-mint.

Thanks for any insight your might have...
I think the oldest NOS horn I've seen was a Buescher True-Tone soprano or sopranino in gold plate. I've seen several SMLs and Buffet SuperDynactions. Of course, there are a lot of other horns that I'd say that were 99.9% shape, but weren't NOS.

Anyhow, a quick look in sold ebay ads has a tenor that went for $980 and I'd call the finish somewhere around 80%, at best. These folks have an ex-demo Medusa for 1599 Pounds Sterling. So, if it's an ex-demo listed at that price, that means it hasn't sold in, what, almost 10 years? Stephen Howard says the 2001 series should be around 900 Pounds Sterling in 2006.

As a suggestion, you might want to ask Dave Kessler. He used to sell the B&S line.
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