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New B&S as well as Weltklang Print Materials


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I just finished adding some very important updates to my website. These will be of interest to owners/would-be owners of the modern B&S horns, as well the vintage Weltklang horns B&S made back in the day.

The updates are in the form of scanned, vintage print materials from both VEB & VMI. If you have been looking for info on your horn, I might just have what you are looking for.

First up, Weltklang:

FYI, Weltklang was a division of VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik (B&S).

I just spent what seemed like the better part of a week working on and uploading a 14-page Weltklang folder that came from a man who used to own a music store in Oslo.

The folder contains photos and information about all the saxophones and brass winds made by Weltklang in 1980. The company did really make a wide variety of strange and interesting brass instruments that we rarely see outside of European brass bands.

I did decide to upload the folder in its entirety so that it might be useful to brass players as well, but for us here, these are the pages of the greatest interest:

Covers (inside) Contains a guide to the finish & model codes used throughout

Alto 231 & Tenor 241 - the model without a high F# key

Alto 232 & Tenor 242 - with a high F# key

Bari 252

Soprano 262

The folder's main navigation page can be found here.

I hope you folks find this info useful. If nothing else, it adds towards the body of knowledge of the brand.


Then there is all the modern B&S stuff:

It can be found in the Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH Markneukirchen (VMI) section of Bassic Sax.

VMI is the acronym for the parent company that made B&S saxophones AFTER Germany's reunification.

Codera Brochure

1992 David Guardala Pamphlet

1994 David Guardala Brochure

2001 Series Alto Brochure

2001 Series Tenor Brochure

B&S Saxophones in 1999

They now join the following Medusa brochures that I have had for a couple of years now.

Medusa Saxophone Brochure

B&S Medusa Saxophone Dealer Prospectus
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