Nice quality evenly faced mouthpieces certainly make a gigantic difference on Eefer...


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So as of about an hour and a half ago I got a new mouthpiece for my Eb in the mail and all I can say on it is WOW. It's loads better than the unevenly faced Vandoren B40 that was with it.
While the fact that it's a good mouthpiece is what matters most to this, the mouthpiece is made by Greg Smith of the CSO.
Its response is much better, and it helps my intonation on it a bit. (which is always helpful on Eefer...)
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Hmm, might wanna gift my eefer player (Suzy) a new mouthpiece. She is quite amazing on that instrument.
I've been playing it in band today, it's really nice. What's she playing on now, though? Part of why that made such a difference is the fact that the B40 I was using is unevenly faced.
However it is much more even in playing characteristics though, so that may make a difference. Greg's mouthpiece is noticeably less resistant than the B40 though.
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