Robert Schopper


Brassica Oleracea
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This is the first time I've posted about (most of) a horn pictured on Pinterest.

Most of a bari. Serial number 2.
Another bari, with a couple parts broken off, from about the same vintage as above.

Schopper also made the saxophone-shaped brasswinds called "Normaphones."

The Clarinet BBoard has an exceptional thread on this maker and also quotes from the New Langwill Index. also has a nice thread, with pictures of another horn, but I can't access them without registering and I haven't been approved, yet. Or, of course, I screwed up something because I can't read German.

Schopper started his own business in Leipzig in 1888/1889, died in 1938 and his son took over. Factory destroyed in 1943.

The two pictured baris are extremely generic looking. I tend to doubt that Schopper actually made them, but hey, why not?
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