Rollini transcriptions?

Got any of his bass line transcriptions (not solos)? While Rollini was an amazing soloist, I want this thread to focus on his bass lines.

The typical 2-beat root and fifth are obvious. But his embellishments at the ends of phrases are down right magical. That's what I'd like to understand and be able to play.

I've written down a few fragments from several tunes, but whole tunes are difficult due to the sound quality of those old recordings. I've worked out some patterns he liked to use and found that they're mostly diatonic plus a few enclosures around the root and fifth. What's really hard for me to reproduce is Rollini's almost psychic ability to fill space at the end of a phrase in such a tasty way. But I think to be able to play Rollini-eqsue lines, we first need to know what notes he played.

If anybody has any analysis or observations to share, please post them.
Thanks. That's a great thread. I already have all of those. They're all solos, not bass lines, except for one very simple one in the Melody Maker piece. His solos are easy to pick out on recordings, but the bass lines are often buried by other parts.

I've tried googling exactly that, but come up empty on bass lines. Can you please post more results from your searches?
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