Trying new flutes

I'm looking upgrade my beginner Yamaha flute to something with open holes, b foot joint, and split e mechanism. I'm using the Flute Center's trial program. I'm really looking for a rich tone on my new flute. (These are the flutes I currently are trying out: Trevor James - Chanson, Di Zhao - 600, Azumi - AZ-2, Amadeus - 680)
I've heard that gold can give you a really rich tone and I got really excited when I found a professional Weibster rose gold flute on ebay for about $400 with free shipping and returns. There were multiple of these flutes on ebay for about the same price. I really wanted to try a rose gold flute. Would it be worth my time to try this flute out? I'm really curious on trying a verity of different flutes to find the perfect one.
The odds are in strong favor of your Yamaha student model being better than anything you have listed.
Thanks for letting me know. I also was thinking of trying a intermediate Yamaha flute. My Yamaha right now has close holes, it's a Yamaha YFL-221.
I personally think the flute I have now doesn't have as good tone as some flutes I've tried before. Plus I don't own it. It's really common to see more professional flutists playing on an open holed flute.
I'll go with my traditional answer: what does your teacher think?

You're talking about this flute.

* Weibster is made in China, not USA.
* Putting it the nicest possible way, you're not going to find many folks that would recommend a Chinese-made flute.
* It's very probable that you're looking at the professional-line Weibster. It's kind of like me saying I drive the high-end version of a Yugo. "Professional model" doesn't always equal professional quality.
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