What is your tenor setup?

My tenor setup is:

Selmer SA80II
Florida STM 8, FL lig., Vandoren 3 1/2 reeds
Selmer D Long Shank Soloist opened to .100 by Brian Powell.
Vandoren V16 T77
Forte thumbrest
1969 Selmer Mark VI
Otto Link hard rubber mouthpiece (.100" with a bit of baffle removed and refaced by me)
Sax Alley thumb rest
White roo pads in the lower stack. Black roo pads in the upper stack (didn't like the black roo's in the lower stack)
Vandoren ZZ's 2 or Rico/Rico Royals in 2

I play this setup for both classical or jazz.
Selmer Serie III
Morgan 3C with Vandoren Blue Box, Lebayle Scala lig
Morgan 6C with Lavoz or Rico Royal, same Scala lig

Buescher Aristocrat 156
Morgan 6C or Lebayle Metal Jazz
I haven't owned a tenor in years. Someone needs to send me one. For my wife. Yah, that's it.
I have a couple of tenors that I use regularly. (I also have some that are either in storage under the stairs, hanging on a wall, or waiting to get restored, but that's another story....)

The set ups for my Mark VI and Martin Handcraft tenors are listed on my site.
SteveSklar said:
pete said:
I haven't owned a tenor in years. Someone needs to send me one. For my wife. Yah, that's it.
how 'bout a tenor recorder .. would that do ?
I'll hang it on my wall. It'll be a nice conversation piece.
'54 Hohner President
Dukoff D9, BG lig, fibracell
BL100/0, Optima, Bari
Dejacque strap or a harness of some brand I can't recall ATM
See my sig area. Also have a vintage Soloist C** short shank that I use for wind ensembles.
Selmer Super Action 80 Serie I
Link NY STM 7* aka, the generic setup for a Selmer tenor
Rico Royal tenor and bass clarinet reeds 2 1/2 - 3
Alexander DC's 3's
SteveSklar said:
Gandalfe, How would you compare your Ref36 to your Couf Superba I ?
I love my Superba I but the intonation on the 36 was much better. And the keyworks on the Reference is a bit smoother. I wasn't going to replace the Superba as it was fine, but when my wife went from a 36 to a 54, I decided to give it a try. I've never looked back. At the risk of sounding ike a broken record, I'm thinking the Selmer Reference series is the finest sax on the market now. There are cheaper instruments that are great, but th Reference series is the best. Your mileage may vary.
Borgani Jubilee (silverplate)
Classical: Morgan 3C w/ Zentera reface (.088"), Francois Louis lig, Alexander DC 3
Jazz: Lamberson acetal L7 or Lamberson HR J8, Francois Louis lig, Alexander DC 2 1/2

Great to see you. Welcome to the community. We are happy to have you on board.

1934 Buescher New Aristocrat
Morgan 6C mouthpiece (recently tweaked by Brian Powell)
#2.5 regular Legere reeds
Vandoren Klassik string ligature

Note: Vandoren only makes soprano clarinet and alto sax versions of the Klassik ligature. The alto sax lig expands enough to easily fit my Morgan tenor mouthpiece.
Selmer mk6 103,xxx original lacquer and some original pads
Otto Link 8*
Java #3 reeds
original Selmer lig

I remember when my friend Jimmy bought this horn used back in '64 or '65. We were in 9th grade so it must have been '65. I didn't see the horn then, but he told me (back then) that it was a couple of years old and looked like new. We were both playing baritone in the school band, so I never saw this horn till I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. He called me when he wanted to sell, and it played better than the 153,xxx mk6 that I was playing at the time, so I bought it.
Grassi Pro 2000 Tenor
James Houlik Mouthpiece
FF Tensing Ring Lig
Hemke 3 1/2 reeds

I'm not thinking about switching this one like on the alto. Just saying.
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