Who here has received a Covid Vac? What was your experience?

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I got both of mine back in April-both Pfizer, no real effects at all with the first, the only for the second was that my arm hurt some and I was fairly tired. (Although I will point out the reason is probably more the fact I took it fairly close after my last final exam for the semester, and I was probably already fairly tired...hence like Notes Norton above I'd ended up just taking a rather long nap, which accidentally became me sleeping longer than average, oops.)
Am still somewhat worrisome about the fact that covid numbers are very notably going back up in a lot of places, though, even if most of the folks in my classes at least are vaccinated.
I got my J&J Booster today. The mix and match with the Moderna is supposed to be very effective, but I tolerated the J&J well the last time, so i stuck with it. So far just a little soreness in my shoulder. Maybe the community band will start up again soon.
I got the 3rd Moderna shot a week or so ago.

The reaction was similar to the second shot, but not as extreme. One day of not feeling so good. My skin felt like I was running a fever, but I wasn't. It came on about 4PM, close to 24 hours since I got the jab, when I woke up the next morning, I felt fine.

My duo targeted the Senior Citizen audience back in 1985, and we're still playing for them. Most of the gigs now are outdoors. I'm lucky I live in Florida.

Since I play sax, flute, wind synth, guitar and I sing on stage, I don't want to broadcast COVID to my audience, who are like my extended family. Since I could have an asymptomatic case, I get frequent tests as well. It's my responsibility not harm my audience. Protecting them is the civilized thing to do.

We also don't play louder than 85dba unless they ask us to turn it up.

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My sister and neighbor got their booster Pfizer shots and ended up flat on their back with cold/sinus problems for a day. The many, many others I know of just had the sore arm thang. Wondering if it was a combination of shot and getting the flu that caused the adverse reaction? Suzy and I get our shots on 7 Dec. Hmm ... Pearl Harbor day? WTF? ;)
We've been advised by the Pharmacist to space out our vacs. My wife has put off her booster as she just got her 2nd shingles shot.
Probably a good move, as she had a few rough days after receiving the 2nd shingles shot.
I got mine in March because I'm 65 +

MA had a registry which I signed on to. My health care provider, Mass General, set up a site about 1/2 from my house near Boston, and they notified me and I got my J&J jab there.

When I was done, they escorted us "old folks" out to the parking lot (I'm 65 + 1 year). Very well run with escorts on where to park and where to go.

It was well run, they had guides everywhere. At one time the facility (in Somerville) was long ago a Ford plant, the in the 80's, it became the Assembly Square Mall, the mall has gone (I think) now it's a mini city off of 93 (a main highway into the city).

Later, Mrs. BSG (not 65+) was able to receive hers at a Double Tree off of 95, North of Boston, at a facility run by the state.

Also, Very well run with escorts on where to park and where to go.
It was a Pfizer. She returned there for a 2nd dose.

I think it would be interesting to hear of other experiences in the US & especially outside the US.
Good for you Bari Sax Guy! We got our's March 21 the J&J one shot with a Pfizer boost in Nov. for Free! local health dept. about 20 min. all together a sore shoulder for about a day, I've done my civic duty, and have peace of mind. We are in 60's but I'd have done it regardless. We all live in this Great Big Beautiful World together, and if everyone would get the vax ( I understand some people can't because of medical issues ). this virus would be less likely to spread and we could all get back to some sense of normality. U.S.
Had my first 2 in March and June (Astra-Zeneka) and my Pfizer booster a couple of weeks ago. No problems whatsoever with the first 2, and about 12 hours of feeling a bit lethargic after the booster. I booked them ahead of time and had them with no waiting.
My wife & I have Pfizer 1&2 (last March/April) plus booster in late October.

People (except us) have been catching Covid all-over-the-place in my area (southeastern MA).

I just cancelled myself out of two club gigs; one in January and one in February as clubs seem to have zero restrictions.

I will do the orchestra gigs in Jan/Feb though as the us orch members need to show proof of vax to play, take a rapid test when we get to the venue, and the audience needs to show proof of vax to attend.
(I did 8 orchestra Holiday Pops concerts this month and there have been no issues...)
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