Yanigisawa Serial number.

I have seen a serial number as TH 0070935 in Yanigisawa model, quite strange as two letters in the front. It is true Yani or not ? Please answer this if someone knows, Thanks.
Hey, the second time I've mentioned this today: I've talked at length about how Yani is pretty bad at stamping serial numbers. That being said, I've never seen a Yani with letters in a serial number. Additionally, while seven digits in a serial number is just fine for Yanagisawa, "007" starting a Yani serial number is all wrong. They might be up to "004" or "005," at most.

Considering that counterfeit saxophones most definitely are a thing, I'd recommend posting a couple pics (or a link to a couple pics). Or maybe you read the serial number wrong :D.
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