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bass sax

  1. Gandalfe

    Triebert Bass Sax

    Years ago I had a chance to buy a Triebert bass sax. Triebert was a famous maker of Bassoons and Oboes that eventually was incorporated into Couesnon around 1880. It wasn't a very satisfying play and the instrument wasn't keyed high or low enough for my tastes. So I let it go and eventually...
  2. Heckelphone

    Inventory of Bass Sax Players

    Hi all, Someone has already started compiling a database of bass sax players: http://youngmusicians.net/bass/ Enjoy, Grant
  3. Heckelphone

    Orpheo Bass?

    I was browsing Amazon, and ran across an Orpheo bass sax, listed at $4K. New! Has anyone encountered one of these, or others of this make? I'm sure its probably too good to be true...
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