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Inventory of Bass Sax Players


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Actually, I was surprised that one wasn't set up in the Bass Sax Co-op itself. My recollection is that Yahoo Groups has a database feature, for just such purposes. (Can't check it out right now: company IT blocks Yahoo groups, and most such sites large enough to be noticed... ;-))


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Actually there is one that was started on the Bass Sax Co-op back in 2001, shortly after the Co-op first started. It still exists, and has over 50 entries in it. It doesn't specify the owner or location of the horn however, so it is a bit different. For the benefit of the non-members who can't see the database, the categories are:
  • Manufacturer
  • Year
  • Finish
  • Model
  • Partial Serial Number (last 3 digits X'd out)
  • Condition
  • Mouthpiece Used
  • Reeds Used
  • Stand Type
  • Notes


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Very rare historic bass saxophones

The new bass sax inventory has some interesting information. Bruno Kampman has 3 very interesting bass saxes:

A very early Adolphe Sax bass saxophone in C. It isn't one of the ophicleide shaped prototypes, but it has curved pad cups (sort of potato chip shaped) that cover tone holes with little or no tone hole risers or chimneys.

Another bass sax in C by Millereau from 1880

Another Sax bass, made perhaps by the inventor's son, in the key of Bb.
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