Riccardo von Vittorelli

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I do think the pics are nice.
All of those taragoto photos make me wonder if anyone has yet used them to replace the saxes in a big band? Perhaps some Germanic operation (Bert Kampfert) during the 1930's, in an attempt to get around the Nazi ban of the "devil's instrument" ginned up a section for some hot dance numbers in Bayreuth…
This came up on ebay (via my search alert for csakans).


EDIT: Just to add, appears to be a kaval but with boehm-ish keywork, and with multiple heads. It doesn't seem to actually come with a giorgi head, but the seller mentions would be possible. Von Vittorelli is also mentioned here: http://www.flageolet.org/bas.html about working on a bass flageolet that looks far more like a fujara. I don't see myself plunking down that much for the instrument, but I'll be keeping an eye out for more of his work.
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I know him, his name is Richard.
Only the second link comes up and it's only 10 lines of text for me. Nothing on the first link.


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