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Would like a new Clarinet


I would like to obtain new clarinet and mouthpiece to perform free jazz AND classical music.

I play Buffet E11. Looking for something that would have classical sound but much more better versatility (jumping from through registers, when you don't need to care for brake so much).

What could be your suggestions?

Sorry for my clarinet-English.
And, for jazz performance, you cannot go wrong with a Selmer Series 9 and the mouthpiece of your choice. They have the great advantage of a) being quite available, b) being suited to warp/bend tones quite easily, and c) being relatively inexpensive.

There are other Selmer horns, including the bog-standard replacement for the Series 9, the Buffet-clone Series 10S. But they don't equal the Series 9, unless you want to go further back to something like the Radio Improved. But, that puts you further back in the world of cracks and the like, something that I most certainly would not advise. Benny Goodman may have used the older instruments, but he's dead now (as are most of the horns of that vintage)

I have played most of the Selmer lineup over the years, but have returned to the Series 9 each and every time. I have a Series 10S as a backup, but I would purchase another Series 9 if my current A/Bb set gave up the ghost/got stolen.

…Well, or rather I would if my current medical condition, which we now have a real name for (oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, secondary to my treatment for diabetes mellitus), had not worn down my ability to play…
For jazz, I like the big bore Selmers; the Balanced Tone and Centered Tone. Big sounds (and I also play a Portnoy BP02..though it is over 40 years old).

They are also very affordable. I prefer the keywork and the free blowing nature...they also ride on top of a band quite well with the larger bore.
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