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Howdy.  I’m Pete, one of the founders of the Woodwind Forum (WF).

Ed shifted primary ownership of this website to Gandalfe (Jim) and me in March (or so) 2014.  Soon after, I also roped Helen into this as another Administrator on the WF forums.


  • The bestest place you can go for new stuff is the Woodwind Forum, itself.  It’s a fun place where the rules boil down to, “Be excellent to each other and don’t spam.”
  • We have an official blog that we’ve been slowly trying to get online.  It’s over here.  It’s primarily run by Helen.
  • We have an official Facebook page.  It’s over here.  It’s primarily run by Gandalfe (Jim).
  • We have an unofficial picture page on my blog.  We have a couple unofficial large picture galleries at Helen’s website and my website.  Primarily saxophones on both, but we have a few other interesting horns.


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  1. Ed,

    great Yanagisawa page! I am enjoying my T880 so much, I think it will be my last tenor, I also have a SN900 (I think: the model is not stamped) curved sop.

    To add to the Yani info page, I was wondering you would be interested in a Yani UK (Rosetti was the distributor) catalogue from the 80s, it is the one featuring the 6 and 800 models.
    I also have the later 900 catalogue, but I’m sure you have already seen that.

    let me know (unless you already have a copy!) and I’ll scan and email you a copy!

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