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Hi.  Pete, here.  I’m working on a complete rewrite of theses Yanagisawa pages and have been since June 2014.  You can see what I’ve got so far HERE.  I’ve also posted some updates to the Yanagisawa serial number charts.  I also have a Forum topic where I talk about my current progress.

Note that the pictures in this article, here, for the 6, 500, 800, and 880 Series horns might be incorrectly categorized.  I’m working on it.


Yanagisawa Saxophone Gallery — 5 Comments

  1. Hello
    I have a question, I am looking for a tenor sax.
    Found some yana’s like
    T 800 elimona, overhauled cost 1500 euro
    T500 700 euro palyable
    T901 1000 euro in good shape

    i play in a marching band Tian Guo marching band
    please give me some advice

    I have owned a T6 which was a good tenor

    greetings Felix
    For all three I need to tavel 200km

  2. Hello, I recently bought a vintage Yanagisawa alto saxophone in perfect (almost new) condition. The serial number : 11761XX and 5 at the left side of the yanagisawa logo. On the bell : made by Yanagisawa with the logo above it and a small engraving. It has stainless steel springs and a high f#. According to the serial number I would think it’s an A5, but it has stainless steel springs and there are some differences with the pictures of A5 saxophones I found on the internet. I think the construction year is 1976 according to the serial number.
    It plays great after the complete overhaul and it has a lot of power…
    Can anybody identify this model ?

  3. hi,
    i got a yanagisawa alto looks like a 800 i am not sure
    serial number 00146546
    should be 800 or 880 ?
    can you help
    thanks in advance

  4. Hi I have a yanagisawa Tenor serial # 0057422 in excellent condition look like its new, can anyone tell me when it was made,

  5. Hi
    I have a Yanagisawa Alto with a serial number A5-17111XX that has been gifted to me by a friend.
    It needs re padding and re corking and possibly a new neck piece and reeds.
    How much approximately would it cost to re condition and what is it value after the recon.



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